Dear Dairy Industry,
Thank you for flipping our perspective.
In August we received a letter from your Dutch and Belgian associations (NZO & BCZ) informing us that we, Abbot Kinney's, use reserved dairy names such as yoghurt to describe our non-dairy products. According to you, such use is in violation of European food laws, therefore you asked us to adjust our communication.
And you got us thinking, as a plant-based brand, the name yoghurt does not suit us.
Our yog does not hurt.
Because, we care about our environment, health, climate agreement, agricultural land, gut, animal welfare, rain forests and planet.
So, we keep the yog, and skip the 'hurt'.
Kind regards,
Abbot Kinney's


AK beeld

It’s not everyday that your biggest rival helps you to get ahead. So a thank you is in order.
Thank you dairy industry!
for opening our eyes by letting us know that we cannot use the word 'yoghurt' anymore.

It’s time for plant-based alternatives to live up to their full potential and say goodbye to what they are not. We are not dairy. We will say it again. We are not dairy and we never have been. Our products are unalike, produced in different ways with different values.

From now on we will stop calling our products ‘yoghurt’, because our yog does not ‘hurt’. We keep the yog, and skip the hurt. Only together we can flip the standard.

What's up yog?

Questions & Answers

Why do you stop using 'vegan yoghurt' to describe your products?

We received a letter from the dairy industry asking us to change our communication because we used reserved dairy names such as 'yoghurt' to describe our plant-based products with on our website & social media.

Even though we always explain that our products are 100% plant-based, we decided to say goodbye to the word yoghurt altogether and give our products a new name of their own.

Why are you saying goodbye to ‘hurt’?

Our plant-based yog does not hurt. We care about our planet, environment, animals, (gut) health, agricultural land and much more. So we parted ways with 'yoghurt'. That is why we flipped to yog and said goodbye to hurt.

What's wrong with using the word 'yoghurt'?

We don’t use any animal-based ingredients, which is why we cannot use the name ‘yoghurt’ to describe our plant-based products.

And we are fine with that. It’s time for plant-based alternatives to live up to their full potential and say goodbye to what they are not. So, we keep the yog, and skip the hurt, to give our plant-based products a new pure name of their own.

What about 'yoghurt cultures'?

Good point. You see, yoghurt cultures are not exclusively for dairy. To turn any type of milk or alternative to milk into yog, you need yoghurt cultures. And it's simply what these magical bacteria are called.

In fact, if you ask us it is actually the yoghurt cultures that provide the fresh & tangy flavour in the end-product. So regardless if the source is dairy or non-dairy, the bacterial fermentation process is required to turn it into a delicious yog.