Barista Edition

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Our Barista Edition is a plant-based drink with a creamy, rich taste and just the right frothiness. To create this masterpiece, we took the creaminess of coconut, the natural sweetness of rice, and a touch of Italy's best soy, and blended it into well-balanced drink. Fully organic, unsweetened and dairy-free, of course. All of that so you can impress your guests (or yourself) with the perfect homemade plant-based cappuccino. You foam this!

Enjoy this foamy barista drink in your favorite homemade cappuccino, latte or iced coffee.

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The Planet Called

It's time to switch it up and make organic plant-based the new norm. That's simply better for wildlife, soil and farm animals. Luckily nature offers lots of beautiful goodness that we can respectfully harvest and blend into tasty, plant-based Barista drinks like this one. Cheers, planet! :-)

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Our Barista Edition is a plant-based alternative to milk. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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