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Almond Start is a fresh tasting, delicious new alternative to yoghurt. Made from organic Sicilian almonds, it’s naturally lactose and gluten free and great with fruit, nuts and granola. Perfect for breakfast, a tasty snack, an after dinner treat or simply by itself.

Almond Start is made using five simple, plant-based ingredients. No artificial flavourings and aromatics. After all, when you’re already using delicious Sicilian Tuono almonds, there’s no need to add much else.

The almond milk we use contains three times as many almonds as regular almond milk and since our almonds are not strained or processed, they retain 100% of their nutritional value.

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Almond Start has 8% fat per 100 grams. This may sound like a lot but it’s because we use so many almonds in it.

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Almond Start is plant-based and free from gluten and soya. So it’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and omnivores everywhere.