Coco Dessert Orange Blossom

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Coconut and orange blossom are the perfect mix to create a wonderful moment of sweet indulgence that triggers all flavour sensations. This fruity Coco Dessert contains fresh organic orange blossom with a slight hint of lemon juice. Combined with the soft flavour and creaminess of coconut, and a drop of naturally sweet agave, this delicious treat melts away on your sweet tongue.

At Abbot Kinney’s we like to keep things simple, that’s why we made this Coco Dessert using only a handful of ingredients. All natural and plant-based. Just how it’s supposed to be. No hurt and truck loads of goodness.

100% plant-based and organic, a guilt-free dessert to enjoy by yourself.

Stop looking, start enjoying.

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What is orange blossom?

Orange blossom is the fragrant flower of the orange tree. It has been used in perfume making for centuries because of its aphrodisiac properties and it is traditionally associated with good fortune. Who wants some?

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Stop looking, start enjoying!

Good to know

A cup of 125 ml Coco Dessert Orange Blossom already contains all you could ever wish for, so no need to add anything else. Just enjoy this guilt-free treat by yourself. Small in size, great in taste.


Coco Dessert Orange Blossom is plant-based and free from gluten and soy. So it’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Why plant-based?

We all know plant-based is the way forward. So we made it delicious.

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