Oat Daily Delight Natural

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We believe oat-based yog will become the number 1 choice for Europe. Oats are relatively easy and efficient to cultivate. And they grow well in an European climate. Oats are a versatile little grain, chock full of opportunity. So we did what we do best and turned them into a clean and delicious yog. As simple as that.

Our Oat Daily Delight Natural is silky smooth and low in fat. Which makes it very accessible and a perfect go-to breakfast. A lighter start for every day.
Like all our products the Oat Daily Delight Natural is made exclusively of natural ingredients that are organic and 100% plant-based. And no added sugars or artificial flavours of course.

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Oat Daily Delight Natural is naturally plant-based and free from soy. So it’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians and omnivores everywhere.