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Knowledge will eventually change the way humanity eats. But we love our planet too much to play a passive role in this painfully slow transformation. We believe we can speed up the process by aiming for progress, not perfection.

It is our mission to flip the standard. To change our view of whats normal and make animal dairy the alternative. We are going to proof that plant-based dairy can be, besides being more sustainable, animal friendly and healthy, mind-blowing delicious.

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We live in an exiting time, is something you don’t hear very often. The story of how mankind is butchering its own planet is dominating the news. So you can call it a misplaced sense of optimism. But I believe the velocity of this destruction can be turned around. Because deep down, people are good. And as good citizens we want to do the right thing. I hope to inspire by bringing possibilities of a sustainable future a little bit closer.

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