Welcome to your guide to good food

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Welcome to your guide to good food, a content label initiated by Abbot Kinney’s.

Why did we start?

Knowledge will eventually change the way humanity eats. But we at Abbot Kinney's love our planet too much to play a passive role in this painfully slow transformation.

We started ‘Your guide to good food’ to give direction. We want to change the view people have of what's normal and what is not by sparking curiosity for good food.

It is our mission, as plant-based dairy company, to flip the standard. We want to make dairy, made by animals, the alternative.

And yes, we understand that changing to a conscious food lifestyle is a personal and difficult journey. So we won’t push you in changing yourself. Our goal is to feed you with different viewpoints to encourage you to find your own way in conscious eating.

With the help of a team of experts we will explore what good food means. Which “qualifications” it must meet, from both an ethical, sustainable and health point of view. We'll look into our current relationship with good food and ways in which we can improve it.

All our essays are well-founded personal opinions on the following four deceptively easy principles: 1. Good food feels good, 2. Good food tastes good, 3. Good food is good and 4. Good food is food for the new era (progress).

Curious about good food? Follow our journey.

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We live in an exiting time, is something you don’t hear very often. The story of how mankind is butchering its own planet is dominating the news. So you can call it a misplaced sense of optimism. But I believe the velocity of this destruction can be turned around. Because deep down, people are good. And as good citizens we want to do the right thing. I hope to inspire by bringing possibilities of a sustainable future a little bit closer.

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