Day 17: Start sharing and caring

Limor zellermayer c A Noc Siow7g unsplash

Two know more than one

Albert Einstein once said: "If you stop learning, you start dying".

People are naturally curious, and you don't have to search for extensive courses or unreachable experts to expand your knowledge. Who can teach you better, than the people around you? Word of mouth is so strong for a reason, people are more open to knowledge of those they know & trust.

Thinking of another quote, by Socrates: "The only thing I know for sure, is that I know nothing at all, for sure".

This insight might help you to spark your curiosity and have an open mind towards others. Who knows what they know, and what they can teach you?

Well, why don't ask the people around you, the people you trust, your friends or family, what it is they do in the morning to start their day the right way?

Perhaps your neighbour has this unique way of preparing his breakfast that you wished you had known earlier. Or your sister is super efficient in how she prepares her to-do's for the day. And of course, it is a two-way traffic. Exchange tips & tricks and you give them new information too.

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