How sustainable is the packaging?

The paper of our packaging is made from recycled cardboard. And paper recycling, we are pretty good at that in the Netherlands. 85% of the paper and cardboard used is collected and reused.

Our plastic cups are made of PP - polypropylene. It is sturdy, food-safe, and very recyclable. We are working on a cup that is made of fully or partially recycled PP or PCR plastic. When we get it done, you will be the first to hear about it.

The closure of the Coco Start is made of aluminum foil. The downside of aluminum foil is that it takes a lot of energy to make, so we've been looking for an alternative. Fortunately, aluminum is recycled well by waste companies, which makes a difference.

Previously, the aluminum seal was covered with a plastic lid. We have said goodbye to this, because it saves a lot of plastic, and the aluminum seal is able to seal the package for a few days!