Day 1: Start doing something good

Abbot Kinneys Tring Tring

Good news, kindness is contagious!

Helping others is a win-win: you help someone else while boosting the production of happiness hormones and your well-being. Moreover, when you seeing someone do something good, makes you more likely wanting to do the same.

So let’s start a chain of doing good for others and start our days with a shot of serotonin ;-)

What did we do?

On top of our regular donations to local initiatives, we donated 130 products to the bikers at our local bike delivery service TringTring, to keep them going. 70 bikers perform a physical master performance every day, to deliver all sorts of goods on time and all of that emission free.

So what will you do?

Start your day choosing a small act of kindness you will do today to help someone else. Join the chain of happiness!


Need inspiration?

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