Day 16: Start taking a digital break

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Recharge your brain

On average we spend 6 hours a day online, consuming information all day long! Texting on our phone, checking emails on our laptops, playing games on your console. All these activities are have impact on the processing of information in your brain for which neurotransmitters are used. But to maintain optimal brain function, the brain needs to recharge these neurotransmitters in between processing information to keep you sharp.

So, if you spend your days or hours behind screens, make sure that every 20 minutes you have 2-5 minutes of no screen breaks. So, checking your phone in between to-do's is not considered an actual 'brain-break'. Even though it might feel like mindless relaxing, your brain is still processing information when you do so.

So use these breaks to simply look out of the window, take a short walk outside (preferably without podcasts), or scribbling something down on paper. Just give yourself a mini information-detox.

Or, if you want to go bigger: after a full week of work or studying, or watching series on Netflix, Sundays are perfect to give your brain a super recharge by taking a digital break for (half) a day. No screens allowed.

Tell everyone you’re not available today, and spend your day offline.

Read a book, play a board game, clean your house, go for a work-out, go outside, play with your kids, or do something else you love. You might discover a new hobby all along ;-)

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