What’s fermented food all about and why is it so healthy?


Fermentation is hot! But that’s no news. All of our products are fermented products, which is a good thing for many reasons. What exactly is fermentation all about and why is it so healthy? We’re happy to explain.

What is fermentation?

Fermentation is one of the oldest preservation techniques. Simply put, you spoiling your food in a controlled manner. This may sound unhealthy and not very tasty, but believe me it is. Different types of food are fermented and you are probably eating more fermented food than you might think. Examples include yoghurt, yog, cheese, beer, bread, tempeh, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, kombucha, wine and vinegar.

Good bacteria, yeasts and fungi

Fermentation requires good bacteria. These can already exist in products or sometimes they have been added. These bacteria (or fungi and yeasts) will eat up the sugars that exist in the food, providing acids as a result. This is called lactic acid, although alcohol and carbon dioxide occur as well. Lactic acid is a plant-based product, even though the name might suggest otherwise.

Fermentation is about transforming or breaking down products’ raw materials using microorganisms. These are bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Heat and moisture will allow organisms to grow. During this process microorganisms will start producing enzymes that will change the acidity level, smell, taste, look, digestibility and shelf life of products. This is called fermentation. Because of these by-products the product will change, and last longer.

Why is fermented food healthy food?

Because of fermentation, our body is more able to accept less digestible food. Good bacteria can break down most of the substances challenging our digestive system. It is how we can avoid cramps, stomach pain and bloating. Fermentation is not only about breaking down bad things; it also helps produce good things. Our intestines are provided with probiotics that serve our immune system. Besides, our large intestine is protected from disease makers. In addition to being healthy, these are delicious products surely you wouldn’t mind adding to your meals.

Best known fermented product: yoghurt & plant-based yog

Yoghurt, or a plant-based alternative to it, is the best known type of a product containing good bacteria. For Coco Start and Almond Start we are adding four types of plant-based yoghurt cultures to allow ‘yog’ to ferment. These are: Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus lactis. The first two make sure that the sugar in the coconut or almond milk turns into an acid, providing a nice and full texture. The other two cultures are probiotics and many food experts say they are an asset for your intestines. To find out more about the ingredients of our products, feel free to go to Coco Start and Almond Start.

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