Cocoa Hazelnut Crunch

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Our new Coco Frost Cocoa Hazelnut Crunch fulfills your wildest chocolate ice cream dreams. This delicious gelato al cioccolato is made by mixing ice cold coconut cream with a pure chocolate swirl and caramelized hazelnut chunks. All 100% organic, plant-based and naturally lactose-free. That’s simply all we need to make delicious ice cream. Sweet, right, how it all comes together in one pint? Go get yourself a spoon and start scooping!

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Good to know

We promise this is our best ice cream ever. Why? Because the combination of pure cocoa, caramelized hazelnuts and creamy coconut is unlike anything you have tasted before. It’s a match made in chocolate heaven. We took the best plant-based ingredients and turned them into a delicious chocolate ice cream for next level indulgence. Just a warning before you dig in: your face will be covered in chocolate!


Our Coco Frost Cocoa Hazelnut Crunch is a coconut-based ice cream that’s lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, organic and 100% delicious. So it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Vegan ice cream is the future.

Waar te koop?

Vind de Coco Frost Cocoa Hazelnut Crunch in een winkel bij jouw in de buurt.