Day 14: Start shining a light on the good things

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Be your own coach

Everyone of us has self-doubt, but luckily we also possess a way to cope with it.

The tool: affirmations

These are positive statements about yourself and your life and how you want to live your life.

When you write them down or say them out loud these affirmations will outshine your negative thoughts. And by repeating them every day you strengthen yourself and let your confidence grow.

How to write them?

We follow these six guidelines:

  1. Start with the words “I am”, or translate them to your own language.
  2. Write them using the present tense, think of the desire you are having right now even though it is not yet actually happening. (e.g.: I am taking care of myself, I am writing great books, I am running marathons, etc.)
  3. Be confirming, avoid using denial words such as "I don't want to ...". Affirm what you do want.
  4. Keep it brief and make it specific. Focus on one thing per affirmation, write an affirmation for each new desire.
  5. To make it feel more actionable for your subconsciousness include an action word ending with –ing.
  6. Only make affirmations for yourself, not others.

Good luck!

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