Lactose intolerance vs. cow's milk allergy: what should you know?

Lactose-free diet

Lactose free diet

More and more often we hear that people are lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive, and therefore do not consume milk, yoghurt or cheese. But what exactly is a lactose intolerance and how is it that we used to drink a glass of milk every day and all of a sudden not anymore?

Lactose intolerance versus cow's milk allergy

These two terms may be confusing, but there is certainly a difference. Milk consists of two components, namely milk sugars (lactose) and milk proteins (casein). With lactose intolerance, the body cannot digest the milk sugars (lactose), causing stomach and intestinal complaints. This inability gradually increases with age. In a few rare cases, babies are already lactose intolerant at birth. Lactose intolerance is also more common in people with an African and Asian background.

In case of a cow's milk allergy, there is an extreme reaction of the immune system to the other component of milk: the milk protein (casein). This reaction causes complaints such as stomach pains and intestinal cramps, even when consuming a small amount.

Eating plant-based alternatives to milk and yoghurt can be the solution for this problem. Plant-based yog contains no milk sugars or milk proteins and therefore it can be properly digested by every body.

Enjoy lactose free

Are you lactose intolerant or are you just curious about how your body reacts to a lactose-free diet? Then try replacing your standard dairy yoghurt for a vegan yog. Fortunately, there are many lactose-free products on the market that are also tasty. Take our Almond Daily Delight almond yog, for example. This lactose-free yog is made from water, almonds, tapioca flour and yoghurt cultures. Do you prefer not to eat nuts or are you allergic? Then Coco Start coconut yog might be something for you.

Lactose-free recipes

Use our Coco Start and Almond Start beyond your daily granola breakfast. Try our lactose-free yog in your salad dressing, or make the best lactose-free tzatziki with our Coco Greek Style. Have a look at our recipe page for the tastiest vegan & lactose-free dishes!

And don't forget to check out our lactose-free ice creams... ;-)

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Plant-based dairy is a no brainer. It is more sustainable, animal friendly and healthy than dairy produced by animals. But most important it can be mind-blowing delicious. Try one of our favourite recipes.

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