Day 8: Start improving your sleep

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Go green!

Spring is in the air, but how fresh is the air in your bedroom?

Research tells that the high levels of oxygen in fresh air improve your quality of sleep and the ability to concentrate the next day.

A good way to generate more of this oxygen inside your house without opening your windows all day, the answer is lean & green: Houseplants!

Certain types of houseplants are proven oxygen-boosters. They boost productivity, reduce stress, increase concentration and brighten up any room and mood! Particularly suitable if you need to work from home a lot. We are big fans of OGREEN and their Clean Machines.

Small or big, even for tiny rooms there are plants to help you out.

Let nature help you.

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Plant-based dairy is a no brainer. It is more sustainable, animal friendly and healthy than dairy produced by animals. But most important it can be mind-blowing delicious. Try one of our favourite recipes...

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