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Scroppino AK6937

Ingredients (with alcohol)

Ingredients (alcohol free version)


  1. Make sure both the vodka is cold as is the prosecco. If there is space in your freezer, also get the glasses chilled for 10 minutes.
  2. Add the Coco Frost Mango & Passionfruit to a blender. Start with adding 50 ml prosecco, then add the vodka and blend them into a light and frothy whole. When you use too much prosecco in the cocktail, the creamy ice-cream flavour disappears and the prosecco dominates. Taste and if needed add a little more prosecco and blend again.
  3. Serve the Scroppino in the chilled champagne or martini glasses.
  4. For the alcohol free version, blend like the above or pour some sparkling water into a martini glass and scoop in the ice cream like we did to give a twist. Cheers!
Scroppino AK6937

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